Action Plan 3: School Ethos

 Priority Development Targets To further enhance a spirit of teamwork amongst all stakeholders

To nurture a sense of ownership in the school’s SDP, curriculum and all school activities

Success Criteria [effectiveness] Over 50% improvement in teamwork  


Person Responsible for Monitoring SMT


Target Action Time Scale Success Criteria [implementation] Tools and resources needed for implementation and evaluation
Nurture the environment required for effective teamwork.  Scholastic year  2015-2016  (ongoing)


LSA’s and teachers use time effectively to get to know each other by making good use of 90 minutes curricular time, PD sessions, SDP sessions and Staff Support Day

All stakeholders are ready to share materials and resources

All stakeholders are involved in decision taking procedures via email and online questionnaires

LSA’s support teachers in class and support all students who need individual aid, as indicated by the classroom teacher

Staff Support Day

Fund raising activities



Agreement between teachers and LSA’s at the beginning of the year

Curriculum time

School calendar of activities

Nurture respect amongst all stakeholders


Scholastic year 2015 -2016 Everyone adheres to his/her own responsibilities

Everyone is considerate towards others

Create teams in charge of various areas eg. School outings, sports activities, fund raising activities, literacy activities and resources etc. Term 1 Teams work together and help each other in the attainment of goals. Different teams created and have an agenda which supports teamwork