Action Plan 4: School Ethos

 Priority Development Targets To increase communication with parents

To increase parental involvement in educational and extra curricular activities


Link to Framework for Educational Strategy



Success Criteria [effectiveness] Over 50% improvement in communication and relationship with parents



Educational and extra curricular activites

Person Responsible for Monitoring  SMT


Target Action Time Scale Success Criteria [implementation] Tools and resources needed for implementation and evaluation
To organise in class sessions for parents eg. reading, cooking, arts and crafts

To organise PD session on increasing parent participation


Scholastic year 2015-2016


Sessions scheduled in school calendar and agenda set.

60% active participation from parents.

Active participation from parents.

Improvement in teacher-parent communication and relationships to be measured by a questionnaire at the end of the scholastic year.

Human resources
To organise courses for parents eg. parental skills, language etc.


Scholastic year 2015 -2016 Courses included in school calendar and agenda set.

50% increase in participation in activities.

Improvement in parental involvement.

Human resources
To organise extra-curricular activities for parents eg. Sports day, open day etc.

To invite parents for an outing with children eg. trekking, cultural outings etc.

Scholastic year 2015-2016 Increased appreciation of work done at school.

50% increase in participation of parents in outings with children.

Successful organisation and outcome.

Human resources