Action Plan 5: Learning and Teaching

 Priority Development Targets To increase liaison with the outer community

For our students to engage better with the local community for their own benefit and personal growth

To help students know their community better and appreciate their cultural background

To increase willingness of community to engage with the school

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Success Criteria [effectiveness]  50% increase in contact with other organisations and the community

The school is open for organisations in the community

50% increase in awareness of students towards the community around them

Organisations in the community are ready to work hand in hand with the school

Human Resources
Person Responsible for Monitoring SMT


Members of organisations 

Target Action Time Scale Success Criteria [implementation] Tools and resources needed for implementation and evaluation
Organise PD, talks and meetings in order to know what the community can offer and how we can benefit from what is being offered

Orientation visits of clubs which are ready to work with the school

Term 1


Talks organised and feedback gathered from organisations

Positive feedback from organisations

Evaluation meetings with children to help them choose which programme to attend and confirm their understanding about what is on offer

Children will learn more about what their own community is offering them and they themselves will choose which programme to attend

Programme of work to be carried out with learners.
Children start attending the chosen activity


Kindergarten students visit Centru Tbexbix

Term 2 Children will learn new skills through a project which will include drama, dance, art, music, science, literacy and PSCD

Children will get involved in their community by liasing with St George’s Band Club for the said project

Human Resources
The school organises an activity in which all the children will participate and show what they have learnt from this cultural experience Term 3 Children will be confident to practice what they have learnt in front of an audience

Children’s self-esteem and confidence will improve

50% of school population feel confident to participate in concert

Human Resources